Welcome to the Autism Treatment Center of Bend
The Center is directed by

Rosimery Bergeron MS, CRC, LPC
QST Master Trainer and Therapist
Certified by the Qigong Sensory Training Institute


Founded by Rosimery Bergeron, the Autism Treatment Center of Bend has as its mission providing treatment for children with autism, and training for their parents. QST Massage is an effective, research-proven, parent-delivered treatment. It is the first treatment to improve all aspects of autism – sensory, behavioral, social, and language.


On Saturday 16 March, the Autism Treatment Center of Bend will officially open its practice with a free public presentation on Qigong Sensory Treatment (QST) Massage for the treatment of children on the autism spectrum. 

The following week, Saturday 23 March, the Center will begin its inaugural treatment series — which includes parent training followed by treatment sessions for their children.

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Autism Treatment Center of Bend
750 Charbonneau Suite 211
Bend OR 97703